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How It Works

Become part of a thriving community who are generating income through the Alskar Affiliate Program.


Use your unique link and share our products with your friend and family or even your company to earn extra income for yourself.


Earn up to 15% in affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs. We offer competitive conversion rates to help maximize earnings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ALSKAR Affiliate Program?

ALSKAR Affiliate Program is a partnership initiative that allows individuals, sourcing agents, event planners, influencers or anyone who is keen to promote ALSKAR products and earn commissions for every sale generated through their unique affiliate links in ethical, transparent and honest methods.

How can I join the ALSKAR Affiliate Program?

To join the ALSKAR Affiliate Program, visit here and fill out the application form, and once approved, you'll receive access to your affiliate dashboard and unique tracking links.

What is the commission structure of the ALSKAR Affiliate Program?

The commission structure varies based on the product and sales volume.
Generally, affiliates earn commission 15% rates in all promoted products (excluding Gift Cards and Shipping Fee).

How do I track my affiliate sales and commissions?

You can track your affiliate sales and commissions by logging into your affiliate dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time data on clicks, conversions, earnings, and other performance metrics.

When and how do I receive my affiliate commissions?

You earn from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic you drive to Alskar website.

Commission income is paid 30 days after the end of the month it was earned. The minimum withdrawal amount will be SGD 50.

Can I promote ALSKAR products on multiple websites or platforms?

Yes, you can promote ALSKAR products on multiple websites or platforms using your unique affiliate links. This allows you to reach a wider audience and maximize your earning potential.

How long is the cookie period for ALSKAR's affiliate tracking?

The cookie period for ALSKAR's affiliate tracking is 7 days.

This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 7 days, you'll earn a commission for that sale, based on Last-Click attribution.

What are the activities I should avoid as an ALSKAR affiliate?

As an ALSKAR affiliate, there are certain "not-to" activities you should avoid to maintain a positive and ethical partnership.

1. Spam emails are strictly prohibited.
Sending unsolicited emails to promote ALSKAR products can lead to the termination of your affiliate account.

2. Misleading claims about ALSKAR products
You must provide accurate and truthful information about ALSKAR products.
Misleading claims can damage our brand reputation and result in affiliate account suspension.

3. Adult and violent websites
Promoting ALSKAR products on adult and violent or inappropriate websites goes against our brand guidelines. Stick to reputable and relevant platforms for promotion.

4. Bidding on ALSKAR-related keywords
While paid search campaigns are allowed, bidding on ALSKAR-related keywords in a way that misleads users or violates trademark policies is not permitted. Always adhere to ethical advertising practices.

5. Link cloaking
Link cloaking is strictly not allowed in the ALSKAR Affiliate Program. Using link cloaking techniques to hide your affiliate links is against our terms and can lead to the suspension of your affiliate account.

Overall, the rules are simple. We just want to create a respectful community. For you as an affiliate and for our customers.

For more information, please visit affiliate terms of use page.


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