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Written by Debbie on May 27, 2021

6 Best Birthday Gifts Delivery in Singapore

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your loved one but tired of giving the same old thing year after year? Do you need a last-minute gift idea for someone’s birthday gift delivery in Singapore without waiting for weeks or paying exorbitant shipping charge? Wouldn’t that make a fantastic gift!

It’s not always easy finding the perfect thing for someone else. Luckily, we will make it a breeze for you. There are plenty of ways to get great gifts delivered straight to your loved ones without having to worry about driving around town or waiting in line at a busy store! To make this process even easier, we’ve put together some of our top recommendations to help you find them an unforgettable present with just a few clicks. Here are the top 6 lists below and let us know which one sounds like the best option for you!


Have you been looking for a new gift idea? It’s never easy to choose the perfect gift for someone you love and when it comes to presents, what is more, special than a name engraved charm? It takes that extra touch of thoughtfulness with giving a present just for them. Include their very own names on an elegant, gold-plated bangle.

If you’re looking for a gift that will last and stand the test of time, this is it. Our Infinity Cuff Bangle is the perfect accessory to any outfit and can be personalized with a name or word of your choice. Plus, it’s made from superior stainless steel and gold plating so that it won’t fade easily! The Infinity Cuff Bangle can be customized with any name or word to make your own one-of-a-kind piece and we can expedite the processing and delivery to make sure this gift delivery in Singapore will be within 3 working days.


Notebooks have been a part of our everyday essentials for so long that they are now in all sorts of designs, colors, and sizes. They can be found everywhere, from school to the workplace! These are the perfect gift for your best friend, sister, or any other special girl in your life. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that will match her personality perfectly!

The journal is lined and has 192 pages, which means it’ll last her a while before she needs another one. For Singapore, it should reach you within 3 working days. As for our for International customers, we offer Expedited Economy Worldwide shipping!


This Alskar® Vivid Skinny Tumbler is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to get hydrated. It comes with a personalized design with your preferred font and colour. These tumblers are available in various colours with different designs, so there are many options to choose from!

Vivid Skinny Tumbler is a 16 oz double wall acrylic tumbler. Made with high-grade BPA-free acrylic plastic, this cup will be your new everyday go-to! The Vivid Skinny Acrylic Double Wall Cup exterior has been designed to withstand condensation and heat from hot beverages like coffee or tea, so you can confidently use it for both cold drinks as well.

There’s something special about giving someone something handmade from the heart – it shows how much care and love went into its creation. Best of all? We can get it delivered to you in Singapore and receive it within 3 working days!


It’s the holiday season, and we’re all looking for a little something to give our friends. If you’re looking for an incredible gift with something extra, this Classic Carryalls Cosmetic Pouch gift may be just what you need! This is the perfect gift for any friend who loves to travel and needs some extra glam!

With its gorgeous colours and font selection, it will match anything your friend has in her wardrobe. The zipper closure ensures that their favorite lipsticks, mascara, phone chargers, headphones, or anything else that your friend needs on the go. You can’t go wrong with this great gift idea!

We can deliver this incredible, personalized gift straight to their doorstep in Singapore. They will be so excited you found them the perfect present that’s not too pricey but still has that “Wow” factor.


The modern marble design coaster is personalized with a custom name and various special typography for the perfect personalized touch. Whether it’s yours or to gift one, this sleek yet practical accessory is sure to look great on any desk!

Introducing Alskar® Oasis Scandinavian Marble Coasters! These coasters are made from 100% natural marble, and they come in a range of different colours and designs. Each coaster is handcrafted, which means that no two pieces will be the same. They’re ideal for your morning coffee or tea because it absorbs heat better than most materials which means that it won’t burn your hands when you pick up your drink. Oasis Scandinavian Marble Coasters are a great addition to any home, and they make for an excellent gift. They also work well as decorations in your office space or at the bar because of their glossy finish.

We’ll make your gifting experience a breeze. Get started by picking the perfect personalized gift for them from our wide selection of items and watch their faces light up when they open the box! Let our team of experts help deliver an incredible present to your loved ones in Singapore!


I remember one day the mailman came to drop off a package. As my husband was opening it, I realized he was staring at me. When I asked him what he got, we both were astonished when he told me that they were personalized picture puzzles with special wording on them.

“I saw these on Alskar and thought about you because of how much you love puzzles! You have always had such a creative mind; building things is just one of your many talents. These are going to be perfect for Mother’s Day coming up soon!” My husband exclaimed as we opened the package together and started looking over our own personal puzzle that read “ I Love You Mommy ” in bold letters across it.

I am always grateful when my husband remembers to do something special for me. He is such a thoughtful man and the personalized puzzles he got were perfect!

This is our Top 6 Birthday Gift Delivery in Singapore. We hope you find the perfect gift from one of these lists and we’ll see you soon! Let us know which list was your favorite or if there’s something else on our site that caught your eye. And don’t forget to tell all your loved ones about our website so they can get their holiday shopping done early too! Which list did you like best?

Article written by Debbie
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