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What Choose Alskar®?


We uphold a competitive pricing strategy to prioritize and ensure customer satisfaction.

Professional Image Enhancement

Prior to submitting your photo for printing, our team of designers will meticulously enhance its quality using professional software such as Adobe Photoshop, aiming to optimize the printing results.

Complimentary Kodak 4R Photo Printing

Each puzzle is accompanied by a complimentary Kodak 4R Photo Printing service, enhancing the overall puzzle-solving experience for your convenience.

4.9/5 Star Reviews over 1200+ Customers

Rest assured that the Alskar® Custom Jigsaw Puzzle is designed to meet and exceed your quality expectations, as attested by the recommendations of over 1200 satisfied customers.
Customer's Copy
After Enhancement

Professional Photo Enhancement

Old photos and downloaded social media images are frequently blurry and heavily compressed.
Our in-house designers will carefully improve its quality, this process aims to achieve the best possible printing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my personalized puzzle?

Alskar® places a high emphasis on delivering promptly while maintaining top-notch quality. We strive to process orders within one working day, and shipping within Singapore typically ranges from 1 to 2 working days.

What materials are used in crafting Alskar® puzzles?

Alskar® puzzles are constructed with sturdy cardboard and magnetic components, guaranteeing durability and a gratifying puzzle-solving encounter.

How can I ensure the image quality for my personalized puzzle?

To ensure the image quality for your personalized puzzle, make sure to use a high-resolution image. Choose a photo with clear details and sufficient pixel density to prevent any loss of quality during printing and puzzle production.

Most importantly, please ensure your image fit your chosen puzzle's shape accordingly. 

Can I turn a photo into a jigsaw?

Yes, definitely. Most of our customers prefer turn their photos into a jigsaw puzzle

What is the most popular puzzle size?

Our Best Sellers are A3 Cardboard (300pcs) and A4 magnetic (120pcs).

What is custom photo puzzles?

Our custom photo puzzles provide a wonderful way to commemorate special memories and serve as an ideal gift. Infused with the ability to incorporate your personal touch through customized photos, these puzzles offer a uniquely meaningful experience.

What puzzle sizes and piece options are available?

A4 Cardboard - 120pcs
A4 Magnetic - 120pcs
A4 LOVE Cardboard - 72pcs
A4 Wood - 28pcs
Heart Shape - 75pcs
A3 Cardboard - 300pcs

How do you make a jigsaw puzzle online?

First, choose the puzzle shape and size.

Next, upload your photo and proceed to checkout your order.

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