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A wide array of personalised gifts meticulously crafted in Singapore to suit every occasion and recipient. From custom engraved jewelry that speaks of your unique bond to personalised home decor that adds a touch of warmth to any space, our website is a treasure trove of meaningful gifting ideas.

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Custom Wooden House Name Plate


Alskar® Store Gift Card


Alskar® Personalized Christmas Ornaments


Alskar® Personalized Empty Magnetic Gift Boxes


Suede Embossed Leather Mouse Pad


Personalised Handcrafted Wooden Keychain


Personalised Elfin Wedding Jewelry Box


Personalised Radiant Jute Recycle Shopping Bag


Helios Personalised Embossed Leather Keychain


Personalised CYGEN Business Leather Card Wallet


Personalised Prenova Exquisite Bracelet


Chloé 4D Bar Necklace


Alskar Complimentary Gift Card


Alskar Divi Custom Name Ring


Adoel Custom Name Necklace


Personalised Gala Wedding Hanger


Alskar Oasis Round Box Wooden Coaster
Personalised Oasis Wooden Coasters


Alskar Custom Puzzle Heart Shape
Personalized Custom Jigsaw Puzzles


Vintage Old English Name Necklace


Personalised Gift Luggage Strap


Personalised Vintage Bliss Burlap Beach Bag


Infinity Personalised Custom Cuff Name Bangle


Customised Presents from Singapore

At Alskar®, we believe in the power of heartfelt gestures. Our mission is to help you create memorable moments by offering various personalised gifts that cater to every occasion and sentiment. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply want to show someone you care, our personalised gifts are designed to make your loved ones feel truly special.

Discover the 🌟 joy of giving with Alskar. Explore our collection today and create unforgettable moments with personalized gifts that reflect your sentiments. Your loved ones deserve the best, and Alskar® is here to help you deliver it, ship directly from Singapore 🇸🇬.

Our name, "Alskar," is inspired by the Swedish word for "love," that's precisely what we infuse into every product we create. We understand that moments in life call for more than just an ordinary gift. Alskar is your partner in transforming those moments into unforgettable memories ❤️.

Our commitment to helping you craft gifts that resonate deeply with the people you cherish sets us apart.
Whether celebrating a cherished friendship, a family milestone, or the love of your life, our diverse range of customizable items ensures you can find the perfect match.

From engraved jewelry that captures the essence of your bond to custom-made home decor that adds a personal touch to any space, we offer a broad spectrum of options. It's not just about the gift; it's about the thought, the sentiment, and the love that goes into creating something uniquely meaningful.

Quality is our hallmark. Every Alskar product is meticulously crafted with precision and care, ensuring it stands the test of time. Our team of skilled artisans pays attention to every detail, ensuring that your personalized gift is nothing short of perfection.

Alskar: Where love meets craftsmanship, your sentiments find their perfect expression. Start creating memories with us today! 🌟
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The people of alskar are just as diverse and unique as our products. Everything we do is an expression of love.
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